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Student Films

Children at Crossroads
Director: Andy Wong
6 min; Canada
A young couple must confront a difficult decision while waiting for a train headed home from a long trip.

For the Records
Directors: April Knell, Charlotte Pence, Paul Pater
7 min; United States

Told through three first person narratives, For The Records takes its audience on a journey into lived experience of psychological disorders, particularly OCD, ADD, and Anorexia Nervosa. The 7 minute documentary integrates live action and animation to convey intimate experiences.

Director: Jacqueline Fashimpaur
5 min; United States

Based on the poem by Shel Silverstein. In a world where the personas people adopt are physical masks that they wear, a high school poet acts like a jock around his friends. He observes people who have abandoned their masks and found companionship, and begins to question the wisdom of his choice. Will he risk the comfort of his fa├žade for the chance at finding someone to bring him real happiness?

Sleight of Hand
Directors: Caleb Davis, Josh Gingerich
8 min; United States

Five teenagers participate in their annual poker game, using their "allowance" from their wealthy parents as the winner's prize. The game unfolds and it becomes clear that other tactics to win the prize money are being used.

The Last Payphone on Earth
Director: Alex Gibney
5 min; United States

Sam's broken phone has left him feeling isolated and alone, until he stumbles across an old pay phone.

The Murder Ballad of James Jones
Director: Jesse Kreitzer
4 min; United States

In 1993, Chicago bluesman James 'Tail Dragger' Jones, a protege of Howlin' Wolf, shot and killed fellow musician "Boston Blackie" Houston during an on-stage performance. Twenty years later, he shared his untold story.

The Woods
Director: Remington Smith
9 min; United States

A quiet post-apocalyptic drama, The Woods follows a lone woman struggling to survive in a desolate snowscape, while on a quest to take care of personal business. Blending arthouse aesthetics with horror themes, The Woods' lonesome winter landscapes and melancholy music make it an introspective ride concerning the drama within.